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Samsung Freestyle is a compact rotatable projector with smart TVs features

Samsung Freestyle projector face view

The CES 2022 sees to the unveiling of latest tech innovations and products from major brands around the world, among which is Samsung. The firm today announced a compact movable home electronic device called "Freestyle", which is a projector that can beam up to 100-inch images to the wall.

It is not a casual projector as it comes with smart features and functionalities. The modern way of viewing media contents is more than just illumination and brilliancy. Technology is revolving daily, and there are now lots of ways to enjoy multimedia contents on the go.

Samsung seem to think along this line because the Freestyle projector is not only made to beam images to the wall, but to also act as a standalone multimedia centre. It has a proprietary OS with smart features that will allow users to stream and to access wide range of contents without additional add-ons.

It is portable, weighing just 830 grams. It can be placed on any surface, either on a desk, a table, or a kitchen cabinet, and set up quickly without much effort. As a matter of fact, the Samsung Freestyle has a rotating case that allows it to rotate up to 180-degree. This makes positioning it much easier irrespective of the surface it is placed.

Samsung Freestyle projector rear view

It can be made to face the ceiling or the wall without additional support system required. Although it does not have a built-in battery, the projector can be powered using a standard USB-PD connector/adapter that can output 50W/20V and above. Lacking a battery also means the device will have to be placed near a power source before it can be used.

The projector supports " Auto Keystone", which is one of the important feature that makes sure that the projected image is steady and distortion-free. Samsung did not revealed the complete specs of the device, so we have no information about its brightness level and contrast.

The Freestyle projector can be paired with external devices via HDMI, and we expect it to support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, although this piece of information is not revealed. We do know that it has far-field microphones, which will help users communicate with it through voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Bixby.

There is a smart speaker mode that turn the device into a smart speaker (no visuals), and a mood lighting mode. Its pricing is not revealed, but it is available for pre-orders on the company website.

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