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LG unveiled 2in1 Chromebook 11TC50Q laptop in South Korea

LG Chromebook 11TC50Q with stylus

LG has introduced a new 2-in-1 Chromebook laptop in its homeland, which is South Korea. The device is called Chromebook 11TC50Q, and it features an 11.6-inch LCD touchscreen display with Stylus supports. The display has a screen resolution of 1366x728 pixel.

Notably, the laptop has a flexible design that makes it usable in any environment. The screen is rotatable and can be flip up to 360-degree to use in different modes. The "Tablet Mode" allows the Chromebook 11TC50Q to be use as a tablet, and since it has a touch-responsive screen and supports stylus, it does well in this area.

According to LG, the device is specifically tailored to be useful and helpful in the growing popularity of online education. Since the pandemic began, there has been a major shift in how people learn and work. With the Chromebook 11TC50Q, students especially, will be able to connect and interact with online tutors and fellow students.

A student using the Chromebook 11TC50Q at home

The 2-in-1 laptop has a built-in microphone and two HD webcam equipped at the front and the back for video calling, video lecturing, and video conferencing. To get started, all the user need to do is to sign in using his/her Google account details. There are hundreds of thousands of apps that can be access on the Play Store and the Chrome Web Store that comes pre-installed.

Technically, the new LG Chromebook 11TC50Q is powered by an Intel Celeron N5100 processor with Intel UHD Graphics support. It comes bundled with 4GB DDR4 (2933Mhz) RAM and 64GB eMMC storage, although there is a microSD slot provided to further expand the limited internal storage.

It is also water and dust resistance certified with IP41 rating. In terms of connectivity, the device supports Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, USB Type-A port, and USB Type-C port. A 47Wh battery is included for power, but this has no side effect on its lightweight design which is just 1.44 kilograms.

The LG Chromebook 11TC50Q has started selling in Korea, where it is available for purchase at KRW 690,000 (US$561).

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