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Basics In Tech is a tech-focus website based in Nigeria that covers wide range of topics about gadgets and technology devices. We tutor people how they can get the most out of their tech devices, how they can enhance their gadgets to work better, and how they can improve their device functionalities.

We aim to teach even the most amateur in the tech space in the language they understand. We focus on the basics of tech items that can be found in every home; from common appliances like smartphones to electronics like laptops, cameras, TVs, PCs, desktop monitors, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers, and other tech-related products.

Ours is to let you understand how your device works and how you can make them work better, faster, and smoother. Furthermore, we post news updates about newly-released smartphones and trending gadgets. You will often find specs sheet of latest tech devices posted on our website.

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Caleb Olayiwola

About The Founder

Caleb Olayiwola is the founder at He is a patriotic Android fan, a tech-focus content creator, and a nature photographer.

He has been tutoring about Android since 2014, and he also have vast knowledge about the general tech landscape. He cover most of the topics found on this website.

He likes reading, researching, listening to music, taking landscape photos, and watching movies (animations and Sci-fi are his favourites) at his leisure time. You can get to know more about him on Facebook,, and Instagram.

You can also contact him for any tech editorial or copywriting projects you have. Simply shoot him a mail at and he will get in touch with you.

Disclaimer: Information provided on Basics in Tech were verified and were deemed to be accurate, but notwithstanding, they are subjected to be edited, rewritten, or modified at anytime.